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CCTV/ IP Surveillance

IP networks have been expanding rapidly and are widely adopted throughout the world.IP video monitoring systems provide the latest security and monitoring solution that allows youto leverage the use of existing, globally accessible, IP infrastructure. Simply connect an IP camerato a network and you can monitor live images from the camera on your networked PC anytime,anywhere, around the world. What’s more, technological progress, such as with audio and videocompression techniques, makes it possible for you to monitor moving images and audio overthese IP networks.

There are a number of other convenient features available with IP video monitoring systems thatare not available with conventional CCTV systems, such as wireless connectivity, sending imagesto a select group (Multicasting), and higher resolution images.

Feature-rich yet easy-to-use IP video monitoring systems are an ideal solution for today’s remotemonitoring and market research applications in locations such as banks, transportation facilitiesand roads, schools, public venues, industrial facilities, and shopping malls. And as an additionalrevenue-generation tool, IP video monitoring systems can be used for online web attractions inlocations such as zoos, museums, theme parks, and more.

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