Satya Tech

Phones And Headsets


We deal in entire range of corded and cordless telephones, headsets and other accessories manufactured by the globally leading brands. Some of the categories are mentioned as under:

  1. Desk Corded Phones (Analogue, Digital and IP)
  2. Cordless Phones (DECT, IP and Wi Fi)
  3. Conference Phones for small rooms
  4. Conference Phones for large rooms
  5. Wall Mounting Phones
  6. Desk Video Phones (IP)
  7. Call Centre Phones
  8. Industrial Telephones
  9. Cleanroom Telephones
  10. Lift Phones
  11. Flameproof, Explosion-proof and waterproof phones

The phones are available with various options like basic phones, hands-free speaker phones, LCD Display, One Touch buttons, hold/mute/redial/pause/flash functions.

Headsets are also available is a wide variety with monaural and binaural options and noise cancelling feature. A brief description of offered headsets is given below: